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19 May

Mondello Park August 10th & 11th

Take a walk through time with Ireland's only Historic Motor Racing Festival. Think Goodwood and then add some. This is the event of the summer for enthusiasts and their families. The Festival plays host to live music, carnival attractions, traders, static displays of Historic Race Cars and Motorcycles, view the phenomenal Martin Birrane race car collection featuring F1 cars like the Jordan 194 driven by Eddie Irvine and the fabulous 1967 Lola T92 of Jackie Stewart, Indy cars, Le Mans winners, the famous Porsche 962 as well as the ultimate BMW M1 Pro Car. All this before a wheel is even turned on track. 

                                                             Part of the Martin Birrane Collection

The action on track will be electric, with 2 days of historic car's racing and parading, Pre 1973 Motorcycles flat out racing as well as parade laps from the best GP 2 stroke machines from the 1960s to 1980s.

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