Classic Motorcycle Racing in Ireland is in pretty good shape right now, at most road race events, the classics boast some of the largest grids on the day. Compared to other classes we are strong and getting stronger, our own club will have some new faces lining up on the grid at both roads and short circuit this season. It's no surprise to us, we witness it, race in race out. Some of the most exciting Irish road races in recent years have been the classics. Riders are investing more time in their bikes and it shows, speeds are up and lap times are down, race finishes are closer, competition is greater and support is growing. Who doesn't love the sights, sounds and smells of a classic on full song. 

But growth doesn't happen quickly or by accident, it takes work and it takes time. Every class needs help and we are getting our fair share. This season, slight rule changes have increased the eligibility for certain machines while still remaining true to our racing heritage. We now hopefully, will see more multi cylinder and exotic machines on the grids, these will run in the unlimited class and the belief is, it will bring more bikes, more newcomers and may even give existing riders more opportunities to compete in both Junior and Senior Races at the same event.

It's also of great benefit, when you have well respected people within your sport fighting your corner. We offer special thanks to people like Jack Corry and Baylon McCaughey, who show us great support and are consistently raising our profile within the media.  

At this point, we would also like to acknowledge the photographers who invest a lot of time covering the classics. They show us at our best and many have supplied some of the fantastic images for this website. 

Cover photo this month features Paul McMahon on the beautiful 350 Honda and was captured by Punchy Photography

Aidan Stewart, Paul Hull, Joanne Thomas, Paddy Condron, Paul Drumm, Jimmy McGuigan, Stephen Condron, Stephen Higgins, John Burke, Two Brothers Photography, Punchy Photography and Graham Joyce Photography have all contributed and we deeply appreciate their commitment to our classic machines and motorcycle racing in general.