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Belgian Classic Trophy 2024 at Circuit de Gedinne

The truck is booked onto the ferry and is filling fast. Departs Dublin August 20th and returns to Dublin August 28th. Contact Gavan Duffy or Sean Henry if you need your bikes and/or gear transported to the circuit. 

How to get to Gedinne. Take your own van and kit and get the Ferry to France. Alternatively send everything in the truck and fly directly to either of Brussels airports. Hire a car or van there and drive to the track. Its around 90 mins from the airports.

What classes can we race in. It is really very similar to here at home. There are 200cc races. 250cc races. 350cc races. 500cc races and 750cc races. There are other races and you should read the CRMB Regs which are attached. There is also IHRO races I & II see www.ihro.nu for more information. Basically it means you can race the same bike in 2 championships while you are there, giving you as much as 8 sessions with 1 machine. Gavan or Sean can explain this more if you need more info. For IHRO you must run a front drum brake.

Quick and fast impression of the track at gedinne, Belgium. This clip from the  "Belgium TT" was filmed in august 2012 by Tim Buys

The races at Gedinne are very much a throwback to the old Continental Circus. Its akin to an Irish Road Race back in the 1970s. The circuit is over 3 miles in length. Its extremely fast and flowing with undulations impossible to detect on a video. The paddock is huge and has every facility you could want. Hot showers, spotless restrooms, cafes and a massive beer tent. Every competitor can avail of free electricity no matter if your in a motor home, van or tent. The people are great, there are enormous crowds of spectators and the atmosphere is electric. Its fair to say we love it. Club members have been racing here, pretty much since its inception.

2024 Belgian Classic Entry Form

2024 Belgian Classic Special Regulations

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