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And The Winner is ! T20 Raffle Bike Update

Well it was harder than we though, but we got there in the end. Organising, keeping on top of names, numbers, who paid and who didn't, how many gone and how many left. 

But Sunday 14th of August at the Carole Nash Historic Racing Festival held at Mondello Park. We finally drew the winning number live on our facebook page. It was exciting and plenty of people had gathered to witness. Paul Mc Mahon was the host with Bill Smyth been the man to pull the number. We were racing this weekend so plenty of riders were in attendance. Bill reached into the helmet and pulled one ticket. That ticket was #377, I knew instantly who it belonged to as it was as close to his race number he could get. It was a rider, it was a classic rider and better still he was here. That number belonged to Linton Irwin ! his race number been 77. The look on his face was quite something, pure shock and lost for words, that soon turned to joy. Well done Linton, we hope you enjoy it and get to put some miles on it. Will we do another, maybe, who knows, time will tell

All proceeds go to the club, it will fund trophies and prize funds for our races. We are a club just like any other and as such we need to fund raise from time to time. Thanks you for your support Team CBRI

Linton Irwin sitting on the T20 he just won with Classic Bike Racing Ireland's live draw.