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2022 Race Dates

The year we all need ! A packed 10 road race scheduled

A massive 10 road race schedule this season, so far it has been confirmed that the Classics will compete at all 8 National events, there's a few rumours floating around that we might even get to play at the UGP. That only leaves the NW200 that needs to come to its senses and give us a crack. But even with the nationals, that's still a hell of a lot of fun for one summer. Race's covering the country from top to bottom. The very best of luck to all the riders, race organisers, marshals and medics. 

Running races in the midst of the endemic is no picnic and takes gut's, determination and 100% commitment by all involved. The least we can do is give them our support, take in as many races as possible, cheer on the riders and above all, spectators please pay your entry and support the clubs by buying a program